Our Services


Site Security (Manned Guarding)


We have option of armed and unarmed guarding Our guards are best motivated in the region. They undergo comprehensive vetting and training prior to recruitment. They are well groomed, disciplined with professional management skills. Our guards are monitored both manually and electronically. At PROLIFIC, we use more than one method to supervise our guards to ensure efficiency.

Alarm & Response


We provide both wired and wireless manual and automatic alarm systems. We have a well-equipped control room with well-trained controllers who operate 24/7. We have standby quick reaction force vehicle (QRF) allocated to different zones to respond to any emergencies. We have a very experienced team in charge of installation and servicing of these systems.

K9 patrol (Dog Service)


Our K9 section has a variety of dogs with varying skills tailored to suit different client’s needs. We have explosive detection dogs (EDD) trained to sniff all kinds of explosives. We also have dogs trained to specifically patrol and attack strangers at the command of the handler. The third type of dogs is crowd control dogs (CCD) which are equipped with skills to contain situations like civil demonstrations. The other kinds of dogs are the Narcotic which is trained to sniff and detect all the other kinds of illicit drugs. Tracking dogs are also readily available from our dog section. These have the ability to track crime say from a point of burglary to the destination of stolen property. We have a variety of breeds ranging from German shepherds, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff and Malinois just to mention a few. Our section is managed by highly skilled personnel in possession of both local and international training and experienced.

Firefighting Services


We carry out emergency firefighting, install fire equipment and carry out fire training. We have a well-trained team of fire men headed by a Chief of Fire who has great experience in firefighting.



Reception Services


Our commitment to providing front office staff, with excellent customer liaison skills and general security knowledge, incorporating vital training elements. Many of our customers require discerning reception security. Therefore Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. front office staff are selected and recruited specifically based on their ability to provide great customer service. Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. will seamlessly combine reception; concierge; switchboard and other call services, with security, to create a secure environment for your workplace. This will also enable personnel to deal with a much wider array of queries, tasks and responsibilities than conventional reception staff. Your visitors understand the threats your organization faces, and expect robust security measures to be put in place to reassure and protect them. However there needs to be a balance, and just as important is providing visitors with a warm welcome and smooth journey through your premises, making their visit efficient and enjoyable. A great reception service can allow you to blend these compelling needs and go over and above to impress visitors. Protect your staff and visitors whilst also making a great impression. By bringing security and front of house together you can increase efficiencies and even realize cost-savings and greater brand promotion.



Intruder Alarms – We provide quality intruder alarms, so you can relax knowing your property is always being looked after. We install and maintain residential and commercial security systems. We tailor every intruder alarm system to the size and nature of your premises, so you always get the best protection. All our intruder alarms are fully monitored and compliant with European standards for intruder alarm systems. Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. offers full maintenance and support for all, intruder alarm installations.

Retail Security – For many businesses, it’s not just the threat of their livelihood that’s at stake; it’s also the threat of lives. While stealing has always been a common offence, since the recession shoplifting has increased dramatically – as well as violence against store staff , with at 8. Prolific Guards Security Solution Ltd. least 8,000 retail workers suffering from attacks (according to statistics taken in 7 January 2015).

Hotel Security – The hospitality sector is one of the most demanding areas of business. With hotel standards subject to constant scrutiny it’s imperative that you have nothing less than the best when it comes to your hotel security. As a sector which relies heavily on reputation alone just one lapse in your security could have a detrimental effect on your status and therefore your future business. This is why here at Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. we put your business first, with our hotel security services we provide your guests with the comfort, customer service and protection they expect. With the opportunity for crime often more apparent surrounding hotel premises considering many are located in thriving city centers, criminals won’t be afraid to capitalize on your guests or property if you have insufficient security in place. From the protection of your guests’ belongings to car park patrols to deviate car theft, all of our highly trained and licensed hotel security guards are equipped to combat these threats. Delivering not only a proactive and efficient solution our hotel security staff put customer service at the forefront of their presence. In addition to keeping your guests safe we know It’s paramount that we offer a warm face to each and every one of your guests. This Combined with a helpful and approachable persona means that our security officers are so much more than a regular guard. We can be the front of house you need to make that right first impression and can even integrate a whole host of extra services tailored to your needs so you can make the most out of our time.

Construction Security


We understand just how vulnerable construction sites can be and know exactly what measures need to be put in place to ensure that this is not the case. With expensive equipment, tools and materials and left unattended, construction sites make for the perfect opportunity not only for thieves and vandals but also make for a hazardous danger zone for unsuspecting children who simply see your site as a playground. We have robust systems in place such as security guarding, mobile patrols and/or wireless CCTV systems, which can operate through the night when you’re not there and when your site is consequently most susceptible.

Vacant Property Guarding


“Protecting your business and Investment” – Vacant properties can be seen as an easy target by vandals, arsonists and squatters. This presents a very real threat to the investment in the property as well as holding up any plans that the owner may have for it. Should the premises be the target of squatters the removal of these illegal trespassers can be me-consuming and expensive. Vacant commercial properties are always at greater risk from vandalism and environmental damage than other properties but landlords can adopt simple and cost-effective measures to secure and monitor these premises.

Key Holding/ Rapid response – Key Holding provides you with a rapid response and deployment of PROLIFIC Security officers whenever and wherever an alarm activation is indicated day or night whether false or not – your first line of defense against any potential threat to your premises, property and staff. Our patrol vehicles officers will re-set your alarm and handle any threats or situations that occur. All events and outcomes are logged by our Control Room and reported to you. Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. provides Key holding and Rapid Alarm Response services that cover most of the Nairobi Region We shall dispatch fully uniformed and trained patrol supervisors to investigate and respond to any alarm activations at your premises. Our supervisors’ further check the building in full reset alarms and secures the premises. If necessary we shall liaise with the Police and emergency services in the event of something more serious.

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The benefits?

You can be sure that a fully trained patrol supervisor will be there to respond to any alarm activations at your premises our patrol divisions are in full contact with Police and emergency services. By using us you are eliminating any potential dangerous or worrying situations for your staff on responding to alarm activation.


More Services

Mobile Patrols

Here at PROLIFIC, we provide a cost effective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. These well-equipped search and response units make random mobile security patrols of client’s premises (business and residential), through the night and at weekends – to ensure the secure closure of all external doors, gates and windows. The surrounding areas are also patrolled and observed for unusual presences and suspicious activity. 

When you engage our Mobile Security Services we will carry out different visits at random times so as not to develop a routine pattern. We will report upon the security of your premises and property as required. To further enhance the security of your premises we also provide warning notices which are a high profile deterrent at the perimeter of your property. Our fully trained patrols supervisors can check your premises during the vulnerable hours and deal with important security issues such as:

  1. Setting and unsetting of alarm
  2. Checking windows and doors to ensure they are locked and secure
  3. Switching on and off of lights and equipment
  4. Checking for any potential fire or flood hazards

CCTV Systems

Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. builds and designs a range of CCTV systems. Installing the latest CCTV cameras and DVR recording devices, we offer systems with high definition recording and advanced software for specific and multiple camera recording. CCTV installations can be built to suit indoor and outdoor conditions, feature obvious or covert cameras and can be networked to deliver remote or even remote mobile access. A specialist CCTV engineer will visit your site, to carry out a full site survey, reporting back to you as part of a direct consultation. 

We will talk through your needs and the options available, before recommending the best installation strategy for optimal coverage and ultimate peace of mind. All our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable, with all aspects of modern electronic security systems. The benefits of CCTV from Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. give you many, many reasons to opt for this fuss-free, high impact tool. At the project handover stage our engineer will cover all the steps with you, including configuration, and testing – to demonstrate an operational system, which meets all technical requirements. To transform your space into a managed and secured property, enquire with Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. about our various CCTV packages. Prolific Guards Solution Ltd. offer full maintenance and support for all our CCTV installations.

Access Control

PROLIFIC Security Company installs and maintains a wide range of access control systems, using the most e effective and reliable equipment. Whether you are looking for a simple electronic stand-alone door entry system or an advanced interlocked system – we will work with you to provide the best access control for your environment and requirements. We are able to install the following types of access control systems:

  1. Proximity access control system
  2. Audio and video door entry system


CCTV control room is an integral part of your overall security system. It’s important to have independent management of this environment by trained professionals, due to the high risk of collusion between guards and control room operators. Our 24 hour Control Room is the eyes and ears of our operation. Operating 24 hours a day every day, our Solihull-based Control Room, is manned by our own directly employed staff. 

All our Control Room staff has been trained as a CCTV Operator. Our management team study developments in Control Room operating procedures. PROLIFIC Security Company does not provide security solutions and then walk away; we offer a multitude of monitoring services and our dedicated team responds to all activations quickly and efficiently, zoom cameras, switch cameras for a beer view, and rerun recent footage.


In an increasing competitive and unstable world, security training and awareness are essential in order for companies to maintain control of their environment and their information. Our training are intended for companies and individuals, and adaptable to their specific needs including: security/safety Awareness, Contingency planning, Business intelligence, Crisis communication, Data protection, Standard operating procedure, First Aid, Advanced trauma training, and Hostile environment security training. PROLIFIC Security Company has invested heavily in training programs. We firmly believe that training our personnel provides our clients with competent security officers with the necessary skill set to provide above-average protection for personnel, Families, and company assets.

Our security officer’s section process and training are, without doubt, the most rigorous and demanding in the security industry. To provide quality security officers, all our candidates undergo a thorough background check involving the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. CV references are checked along with previous security and work experience. Physical stature, language proficiency, and education prerequisite are a minimum requirements for all candidates. Lastly, all candidates are interviewed by three main senior management teams to ensure we are selecting the right people for the training program.

Thereafter 2 weeks of customized training to suit the client’s requirement with extensive house training in areas stated below:


PROLIFIC Security Company has effective management methods which are based on proven security and business management techniques providing the essential management experience to provide quality services, professional security, project and risk management, health and safety and staff support. 

PROLIFIC Security Company possesses extraordinary expertise, capability, and unyielding customer support which allows the company to fulfill all of the contractual requirements. The Directors, Management, and Training Team have both local and international management experience.


We have developed a close working relationships with the Police Department, Local Administration, Local Authority Enforcement Officers, and other Private Security Companies. We have been involved in the support of community-based projects, we usually establish a good relationships with the community living within our area of operations.